Aug 29, 2020

These are crazy times but with such a beautiful Saturday I decided it was time to get out of the house for a drive. My wife had suggested a trip to West of the Lake Gardens (https://www.westfoundation.us/) in Manitowoc for a little fresh air and flowers so we jumped in the MG Midget and starting driving east. The drive between Appleton and Manitowoc has some great back roads and beautiful countryside to see. With such great weather, a nice break from the hot and humid weather we’ve had lately, I was in no hurry to get anywhere. Arriving at the gardens we were the first people to arrive so for a short time we had the entire place to ourselves. What a great location for this attraction. It sits on the shores of Lake Michigan so you get the flowers and the lake. There is no admission fee.

From the gardens we headed north to Two Rivers and made a stop on the lakeshore for a stroll down the beach. There were plenty of people enjoying the sun and surf but still plenty of room to practice social distancing. The water was little cold but refreshing.

Now it was time to head home. I just started taking random roads heading west until we found our way back home. It was a great day to get outside and enjoy my car. I need to get out more on trips like this to keep from going crazy cooped up in the house. This was a last minute decision otherwise I would have invited everyone to come along. Maybe next time I can plan a little further in advance and make it a club drive.

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